Smart Post

Smart Post allows you to manage and post to multiple Facebook, Facebook Page and Twitter accounts in one easy to use application. You can choose to instantly post to multiple accounts or schedule posts to be sent out at a later time. We do not have any limitations on number of accounts or posts created per day.
  • Add unlimited Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page and Facebook Group accounts.
  • Schedule Posts for Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page and Facebook Group accounts.
  • Instantly post to one or more accounts
  • Attach media such as photos
  • Consolidates social accounts into one Pyraego account
  • Stores recent post times for quick entry
  • View usage statistics

"Well done guys :) I've tried a few different ones like Buffer and Hootsuite and Postcron Yours is the best!" - Footy Dezigns

"This app is fantastic, and a better alternative to Hootsuite in my opinion. Perfect tool for scheduling posts and managing multiple accounts. I initially had a couple buggy issues with this app, but when I reached out to the developers with feedback they were incredibly responsive and made the fixes right away and released updates. I can not say enough how refreshing that was. And the updates work great. Great work guys!" - lemonboy


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